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Beelzebub Chapter 82
Bleach Chapter 424
Defense Devil Chapters 70 and 71
Detective Conan Chapter 754
Fairy Tail Chapters 207-209
Hokenshitsu no Shinigami Chapter 23
Katekyou Hitman Reborn! Chapter 312
Mahou Sensei Negima! Chapter 307
One Piece Chapter 602
XBlade Chapter 33

> Quick reminder that Naruto and The Breaker: NW are on break this week.
> Successful return of Bleach this week! :O
> This chapter of Beel is last weeks chapter, not this weeks. Also, it was done by CXC scans as a favour to Keishou scans, as their cleaner/typesetter Zambo is currently out of commision. I have no idea when/if chapter 83 will be done by them as well or if it will be out any time soon. ):
> I've cleaned up my folders a bit - the unbound chapters were running a little rampant, even though I've uploaded new volumes for most of the series. Sorry about that. >_>
> There will be no more updates of Psyren for the time being - Vic, the raw provider, has gone on strike due to his group not having enough cleaner apps. He provides a lot of raws for the scanlation community, so don't be surprised if some of your favorite series suddenly go on forced hiatus until he gets more cleaners for his HQ Bleach group. :/
> Lawl, look, new Hokenshitsu no Shinigami! :Db
> Also, apologies for the lateness that I'm posting this - Megaupload was not cooperating with me. @_@
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Title: Bankara
Manga-ka: Sorachi Hideaki
Debut Year: 2010
Scanlators: Mangastream & Binktopia
Status: Oneshot
Licensed?: No
Sequel?: No
Summary: A oneshot about a legendary youth school gang leader. The cyber revolution seems to be a new weapon that school delinquents take advantage of and cause damage. A studen council chairwoman named Miyamoto Shizuka possesses the power to keep things in order. But what will happen to the fate of the school when she mistakenly lets the rumored legendary BANKARA, Gouda Takeru, free? [courtesy of manga-updates]

Ohhhh man, I laughed my ass off reading this! I gotta say, I really like the art style - Takeru is so cuuuute. XDDD The concept reminds me somewhat of Beelzebub with the whole badass school youth with ridiculous fighting ability, but that's about it. I mean, they live in the cyber era where everyone equips robotic parts to themselves. I hope the future isn't like that for real, it'd be so weeeeeeird, lol. Other than that, this is a good read, flows really well and doesn't really have any lag. If Sorachi-sensei could keep it from being too similar to Beel, I'd really like to keep reading ths one day~

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Title: Akumetsu; アクメツ
Manga-ka: Tabata Yoshiaki & Yugo Yuuki
Debut Year: 2002
Scanlators: AT-Translations, Izumo no Ryuu, Mahou, Manga Downloads, SnoopyCool, Izumo n AT-Translations
Status: Complete at 18 volumes
Licensed?: No
Sequel?: No
Summary: Nagasawa Shiina is just an average 3rd year high school student until her parents' company goes bankrupt. In order to pay the bills, she sells herself into prostitution. At her first job, a mysterious masked man crashes the party... and it's someone she knows.

Akumetsu is the story of Hazama Shou, who defends his own view of justice in a vigilante manner while wearing a mask and calling himself Akumetsu. [courtesy of manga-updates]

I don't know what it is with me and people who kill other people in the name of good, but apparently I just loooove them, since I can't seem to stop reading stories like that. >_> Akumetsu is apparently classified as a shounen, but I'd have to disagree and stick it under seinen. I've seen more people thrown out of windows and going "splat" on the pavement below in this manga than exists in every movie ever to show such a thing. Not to mention all the people shot, bludgeoned to death, drowned, cut down by a katana, etc. I mean, who puts stuff like that in a shounen manga? C'mon. XDDD

All else aside, this manga is definitely not for everyone. It shows a political aspect of Japan that took me a while to grasp - there's a lot of talking about corrupt government officials, political parties and the like, so be prepared to have Wikipedia pulled up as you read this, haha. It took me at least 3 days to read, on and off, because of that, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. I have to hand it to Shou, he's a well informed terrorist. <333 And so very brave; if everyone had half his balls (and ability!), our world would be a much more exciting place. *snorfle* Akumetsu is very gripping though, completely sucked me in and kept going, even if I did have to stop at points to Google something or, you know, sleep. And the ending...well, I understand that it ended that way, let me phrase it like that. Even if I did tear up a little. ;__;

Warning: This manga contains scenes that may not make you comfortable while reading, such as copious amounts of blood, gore, and killing. Please read at your own risk.

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After a long, hard think, I've made the difficult decision of turning this journal friends only. I deeply apologize if this upsets anyone or messes with how you view your journals and communities; this is for you as much as me. I'd really rather my journal not be deleted, thanks. ):

In order to see my posts, simply friend me. I'll friend you back ASAP and then you'll have access to all older entries. New entries are public for 3-5 days and then will revert to friends only as well.

I check my journal obsessively and usually friend back within the same day, if not hours, so no worries on waiting too long, ok? ;3
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I really don't know what to do with this... *sigh*
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I haven't felt this relaxed in ages.

Too bad it couldn't last.

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