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Title: Bankara
Manga-ka: Sorachi Hideaki
Debut Year: 2010
Scanlators: Mangastream & Binktopia
Status: Oneshot
Licensed?: No
Sequel?: No
Summary: A oneshot about a legendary youth school gang leader. The cyber revolution seems to be a new weapon that school delinquents take advantage of and cause damage. A studen council chairwoman named Miyamoto Shizuka possesses the power to keep things in order. But what will happen to the fate of the school when she mistakenly lets the rumored legendary BANKARA, Gouda Takeru, free? [courtesy of manga-updates]

Ohhhh man, I laughed my ass off reading this! I gotta say, I really like the art style - Takeru is so cuuuute. XDDD The concept reminds me somewhat of Beelzebub with the whole badass school youth with ridiculous fighting ability, but that's about it. I mean, they live in the cyber era where everyone equips robotic parts to themselves. I hope the future isn't like that for real, it'd be so weeeeeeird, lol. Other than that, this is a good read, flows really well and doesn't really have any lag. If Sorachi-sensei could keep it from being too similar to Beel, I'd really like to keep reading ths one day~

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